To Diamond Soulmates

PO Box 2345


1st April 1998





Last week was the most exhilarating week of my life.

I found you.

I never thought that online dating apps could seek out the perfect partner just by likes, interests and a trite click on a profile picture.

I am amazed that your interest in travel extends further than the usual tick off bucket list.

I’ve already booked the tickets to Marrakesh  for June 10th and booked a  hotel that I’ve emailed over to you.  I chose it because it was called ‘The Birds’!
I never gave you my number  - it’s 0784322343

I didn’t give you my address - it’s above.

I must have missed heard your number too - as it has a digit wrong. My hearing isn’t what it used to be.

I just need your passport details for the trip anyhow - and it’s no big deal - but the trip cost £594 including hotel and flights… I’m ok for now, but we can sort out bank transfers whenever you have a moment, there’s no rush - and I just got paid so I’m ok for a bit.


I really can’t wait to see you again,